Ferrari 275

Ferrari 275
Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART
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  • BBR1816B  (1)

1:18 scale, bbr code BBR1816B

Year: 1969
Scale: 1:18
Other info: Blue,
Notes: Lim. Ed. 200 pcs

BBR product code: BBR1816B

Model description:

Only ten Ferrari 275s officially came from the Ferrari factory in spider configuration. These were all made for Luigi Chinetti who was Ferrari’s North American Importer at the time.

Chinetti recognized the need for an alternative to the luxurious 330 GTS and reluctantly convinced Ferrari to deliver his own ‘NART Spider’.

Chinetti first got the idea for the car at the Paris Motor Show when the 275 GTB/4 was shown. Ferrari at first denied his request to built a factory spider,

but after talking to Sergio Scaglietti who manufactured the 275 bodies, Ferrari was finally convinced.

Chinetti named the car after his North American Racing Team (NART) which contested all the top races in US and abroad.

The birth of every model represents something special: precision, detail, quality materials, exclusive technology, giving life to the dream of every collector.

Alberto Balestrini